Giving it a go

OK I’m going to try and create my first ever blog. Will it appear anywhere? Will anyone see it? Why on earth do people do it? What the hell will it be about? Ahhhh just get on and post it you just want to see how it works don’t get anal about it just post it!
Well it’s taken almost a year but I think I’ve finally worked out what I’m doing with this Blog! I have to admit that even the word BLOG kept putting me off. And most of the one’s that I could be bothered to read were pretty pointless ramblings. But that’s what’s so good about it! It’s somewhere where you can post anything you want! Nobody’s telling you that you can’t but most importantly you’ll only put down what you need to. What you feel passionate about.
For me it’s been about offloading. Throughout a lifetime you collect so many thoughts, ideas, memories, feelings, emotions, pictures, senses et al., and the whole exercise appears to  be very therapeutic….just getting it off my chest. I don’t want anybody to read it especially.
It’s just about me putting my mark in the sand and it’s helping me to understand where I’ve come from, where I am and most importantly where I’m going. It’s fun…and even provokingly interesting as it appears to be allowing more stuff in. Or maybe it’s just stimulating the brain by reaching back into things like your childhood and reminding you that….hey yeah….that’s what I’m about.
But in doing all this digging I have to warn you if you do stumble upon this
it’s going to include warts and all because it’s about me and I can. 🙂

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