The Google Art Project

Henry C. Frick House on 5th Avenue in New York...

Image via Wikipedia

Awesome! Though I’m not sure everyone will agree? However, I not only think that “The Google Art Project” will bring art to the masses but, from a personal point of view, it brings back some very special and poignant moments relating to visits I have made to some of these galleries.

My visit to the Frick Collection in New York is a particular case in point as I have never ever experienced the feelings and emotions I felt when I came across Bellini’s painting of “St. Francis in the Dessert”.  

Actually I have experienced similar feelings through music, mainly classical music, and also when seeing “Les Miserables“. And there have been a few operatic arias that have brought me to my knees.

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been bawling my eyes out at both the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, when we saw “Carmen“, and also at the Sydney Opera House where we saw the most wonderful performance of “Madama Butterfly“. And both times it was just as the house lights came up! No hiding a sneaky wipe of the eyes with your handkerchief there!

But I’ll have to admit this painting by Bellini just seemed to reach out and grab me and I was really moved. I remember just being transported into another realm and being oblivious to everything else around me. Which is hard when you do get to see the Frick because the whole place just oozes pleasure….even the walls! So you’ll just have to go and see it for yourselves for as good as this site is, there’s really nothing like seeing it up close and personal.


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