Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts reveals he’s gay

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Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts, at the age of 58, reveals he’s gay and I feel incredibly lucky that I have not had to endure a whole life time hiding from who I am.

NYT: Phoenix Suns president reveals he’s gay | | The Detroit News.

Rick Welts

But sadly we still appear to live in a society that makes people fearful of admitting who and what they are. And I can understand somewhat, being a person who loved sport myself and who stopped playing rugby when it dawned on me that I was gay!
It’s not so much that you are not man enough to come out and tell everyone you’re gay….it’s more that you are concerned that by doing so you are not going to be seen by others as being capable of being part of that team anymore. And in the back of your mind your thinking that you’re not going to get the breaks you’d hope to get because people aren’t going to see you the same anymore.
So unfair….but it needs guys like this to front up and show people that we are no different.
[Rick Welts talked to several friends and associates, including David Stern, before going public.]

Rick Welts with David Stern


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