This is the web log of Chris Willis and Rex Blanchette and we hope to be able to post a little bit about our life in New Zealand.

From first meeting on 11th January 2004 and our most memorable trip to Rotorua and especially Cherry Island near Lake Taupo –

Chris and Rex at Cherry Island near Taupo on the Waikato River

To our travels around NZ –

Trekking on the West Coast at Coal Creek

Rex and Chris

Our Civil Union on 11th January 2008

Always enjoy good food and wine!

Always enjoy good food and wine!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Mates,

    I went to your site when you commented on one of my blog articles and reposted it on your site (thanks again). The pictures above are especially touching to me right now. In April of 2011, I lost my wife, the love of my life, and long-term companion. One does not see that many older couples who look happy together, and oftentimes, people remarked to us about how we still looked like we were in love. They often asked our secret, and I always told them that being best friends was the most important element. I think being chums first is essential, and you guys look like chums as well as spouses.

    When I see the two of you together, you remind me of Margaret and me. It’s so nice to see people who are a bit older who are so companionable. I’m not sure how long you’ve been together, but I’m sure it was before your civil union. All I can say is I hope you find your marriage as happy and fulfilling as mine was for my Margaret and me.

    Alan OldStudent

    • Hi Alan,

      I knew when reading your Blog that you were a very astute man and your very kind words only go to prove that 🙂

      We were very sorry to hear of your loss but we have no doubt if you and Margaret experienced a lifetime of love and joy together then how very privileged you are.

      Rex and I have only been together since 2004 but every moment of it has been a pleasure and it is so nice to know that there are others out there who are and have experienced the same emotions. The camera certainly doesn’t lie and I have often remarked just how happy I am in every photo that has been taken of me and Rex together.

      I look forward to reading more of your “Musings” and trust that your life continues to be as full and interesting as when Margaret was with you. She would certainly be expecting you to continue on and I’m sure she’ll be keeping a watchful eye over you. You are truly blessed.

      Regards from us both,

      Chris (and Rex)

  2. Hello Rex, this is a message from Phyllis and Everett. Our cousin, Vivian, spoke of you earlier in the week, and we’d love to be back in touch with you again. We now live in The Gardens.

    • Hi Phyllis and Everett. How lovely to hear from you. This is Chris here but I will pass your contact details on to Rex and he can send you an e-mail with our contact details. All the best and look forward to meeting you.

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