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New Zealand's Milford Sound. Milford Sound, on...

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I’ve done so much, and so has Rex. But that doesn’t stop us wanting to do more – we’re gready. Hungry for Life and indulging in everything that we can reach.

Well if we don’t do it now it’s not as if we get a second chance is there!

So I’m putting up a list, a Bucket List if you will, of all the things that we’d like to have a crack at. The only big thing that’s in the way right now is a burning ambition to build our own house. But nevertheless I’m going to try and list everything here, in no particular order, except that I’m going to put the building of our new house and home at the top.

  1. Build a House: completed June 2012!
  2. Have Dogs – a couple of Golden Retrievers to go with our two cats (we need the larger house and garden before we get the dogs!)
  3. Go on a Cruise (Either to the Baltic which must include St. Petersburg and/or Alaska and the Inner Passage)
  4. Thanks to Calvin Casey I’ve got to add the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska!
  5. Tick off a few more places in New Zealand like Milford Sound
  6. Show Rex a little of my place of Birth, Ceylon, which will have to include a stay up country – here perhaps? And I’ll have to show him “MY” beach at Bentota where our Beach House was called “Turtles Nest” as this spit of land was a favoured nesting beach for many turtle species and from which we rescued so many hundreds of baby turtles.
  7. Go to see an Opera at Verona (preferably “La Boheme” which I haven’t seen yet) or at some other equally exotic location

    The Creation of Adam

  8. While in Italy we are going to have to check out Florence (Firenze) and Rome – especially the art of Michelangelo in the Gallery of the Sistine Chapel in Rome….
  9. Michelangelo’s Statue of David

    …..and the sculpture in Florence, especially the Statue of David outside the Palazzo della Signoria


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