The Viceroy Through Tea Plantations in Nuwara ...

Image by via Flickr

I think I’ve always had an apreciation of Art. But I guess like most there are some things that appeal more than others and, in these pages, I’m going to try and pinpoint what it is that floats my boat.

I guess those early years growing up are bound to form a lot of the basis of what appeals to the eye and so my childhood memories of living in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) where I was born in 1956 probably impacted greatly on my consciousness. We lived in Colombo and had a weekend bungalow, called “Turtles Nest”, at Bentota which are on the West and South West coast of Ceylon which immediately introduces images of palm fringed beaches with the sea gently lapping at the shore. But I also went to school in Nuwara Eliya in the Island’s central hill district with beautiful vistas of mountain forest and tea plantations.

I was just 6 years of age when I got on my first real steam train that took us all up to Nanuoya and I liken the whole experience to watching the first Harry Potter film when they set off for Hogwarts for the first time – magical. Halcyon days indeed and I’m going to see if I can capture some of that by means of a small presentation which will give a glimpse of those images that I still see and almost smell today.

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