Victor Borge

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My taste in music can only be described as a word that I truly love – Eclectic. Although I don’t do – Rap; Garage; Indy; Hip Hop or whatever else has become “In” and all you can hear is the bass and drum going Boom Boom Boom or Thud Thud Thud!

I guess then I must also be middle of the road! But it really didn’t start out that way. And there was a point in the early 70’s when it got quite HEAVY!

So where did it all start? What are my earliest memories of music? I’m pretty sure Mum and Dad had the usual type and style of records (yes they were 78’s) back in the 50’s and 60’s but I don’t really remember what they were in that much detail. I do remember my Dad really enjoying Victor Borge and the whole house seemed to be filled with laughter. But music was pretty general – so yes I guess I’m Middle of the Road!

By the time the 20th Century grinds to its conclusion I think I am well and truly Eclectic. But there is one field of music that I have yet to conquer and that is Classical and Opera. But then Rex comes to my rescue in 2004 and we embark on a new journey in which he helps me get to grips with the easier and more melodic pieces which he knows I’m going to love.


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