Canon AE-1

Image via Wikipedia

I get the feeling that I have always been interested in photography but I got the kick up the backside that I needed when I went on Operation Drake in 1979. I had been selected as a YE, or Young Explorer, to go on Phase 2 to Panama and the project was spearheaded by the Brigantine “Eye of the Wind” which acted as its floating HQ.

I purchased my first sparkly brand new Canon AE1 and it never let me down. I consequently bought another AE1 body after having to extricate myself from Kathmandu by selling off the original body to a keen young ornithologist working at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Nepal.

I learnt a lot about SLR photography in those early years and even went on a course run by Ron Weis in Jersey and which was attended by David Edwards from the JEP who was a great guy to study with and learn from.

In the main I appear to enjoy my photography best when I am on holiday and especially when I am travelling. More recently I have purchased a digital SLR but I’ve stuck with the same Canon brand and there’ll be more posted here in due course.


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