Swimming and Diving

Sri Lanka a tropical paradise beyond compare...

Image by Byflickr via Flickr

I’m a fish. No really…I think I am. I love being in water….even a shower! But what I really love is being in the ocean. I just love it.

My earliest memories are of starting to swim at The Colombo Swimming Club in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Swimming and Diving all day long. You couldn’t get me out of there. But we also swam and surfed in the sea at Bentota and water skied on the Bentota Ganga at our heavenly beach escape called “Turtles Nest”.

Colombo Swimming Club

Bentota Beach

And this was my beach! This was where I came alive.

“Turtles Nest” at Bentota on the south west corner of Ceylon. The house (more like a hut than a house) was situated on a small strip of land which we called “The Spit”, along with a number of others all owned by the large businesses in Colombo. We had the river on one side and the sea on the other and you’d wake up in the morning for a swim in the sea before breakfast, hopefully egg hoppers! Then we’d water ski in the river till lunch when the grown ups would settle into beer and/or gin and tonics to wash down a spicy hot curry.

And then, after a little siesta, it was time for another swim in the sea followed by a dip in the river and something for dinner before crashing out fast asleep! No fear of hyper active kids in those days – we were worn out before we had the chance!

My swimming career lasted about the time that I attended school in the U.K. ending up being Captain of the Swimming Club at Kings Canterbury and being awarded my 1st “Colours”. I also swam for Kent briefly and Jersey more often in the summer holidays. But my love of swimming continues to this day and I’ve even become interested (and dis-interested again!) in Long Distance swimming. It’s really just a love of swimming in the sea, which I tend to jump into at any opportunity. But the long sea swims I’ve completed here in New Zealand were a real achievement – culminating in the one I really wanted to complete which was the Rangitoto to St. Heliers crossing of 4.6Km.


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