Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien – what were you thinking!?

English: A photo of the Cardinal Keith Michael...

English: A photo of the Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien – I’d really love to have this guy round for dinner. Keith – any time you’re passing through drop us a line as I’d love to have a chat.


‘In recent days certain allegations which have been made against me have become public. Initially, their anonymous and non-specific nature led me to contest them.

‘However, I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.

‘To those I have offended, I apologise and ask forgiveness. To the Catholic Church and people of Scotland, I also apologise.

‘I will now spend the rest of my life in retirement. I will play no further part in the public life of the Catholic Church in Scotland’.

“… what an incredibly sad and humiliating way to end a career. This man could have helped turn things around for the gay community. How tragic that he hid his own attraction to men, while working so actively and energetically to prevent LGBT people from having the same rights as everyone else.”


“The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

Cardinal Keith Come IN Cardinal Keith Gay Cardinal Keith in Red Cardinal Keith OUT Keith O'BrienCARDINAL KEITH O'BRIEN

Good looking man though! ūüėČ

Britain’s most senior Catholic clergyman, Cardinal Keith O’Brien has been implicated in possible sexual abuse scandals dating back 30 years ago by three priests and a former priest in Scotland, local media reported.

Cardinal O’Brien, who is an outspoken opponent of gay rights, condemning homosexuality as immoral, has been reported to the Vatican by the four, from the diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, The Guardian reported.A little night cap

I want you I've got your kilt Up for a little prayer

English: A photo of the Cardinal Keith Michael...

English: A photo of the Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O’Brien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


75096407_Keith_OBrie_56111c Hey Good LookingCardinal Keith O'Brien

My latest read – Funny Boy

¬†I was really pleased that a good friend suggested I read this as it was written by a boy/man who lived in Colombo around about the time that I did so it was really neat to be in the same space so to speak as the Author. And it did a helluva job on portraying what it must have been like being a Tamil in a predominantly Sinhalese community during a very violent spell in Sri Lanka‘s history.Funny Boy

In the world of his large family, affluent Tamils living in the capital of Sri Lanka, Arjie is an oddity – a “funny boy” – who likes dressing as a girl. Through his eyes, the reader watches him come to terms with his homosexuality and with the violent racism of the society in which he lives.
“Set in Sri Lanka, this poignant coming-of-age novel charts a boy’s loss of innocence as he grapples with family conflict, political realities and his homosexuality. At seven, narrator Arjun Chelvaratnam hates sports and enjoys wearing his aunt’s jewelry and playing the role of bride in imaginary weddings; yet his playmates’ taunts of “girlie-boy” and “faggot” don’t seem all that different from the monickers that attach to other children (e.g., “fatty-boom-boom” and “Diggy-Nose”). But when Arjun enters his teens, his worried father, a wealthy hotelier, sends him to a strict private academy, hoping it will force his son “to become a man.” Instead, Arjun, rebelling against a sadistic principal, strikes up an intense friendship with a fellow renegade pupil, Shehan, who is rumored to be gay. After their first sexual encounter. Arjun’s immediate feelings are anger and guilt, but he gradually comes to accept his sexuality and his love for Shehan. The story is shot through with the tensions and bloody violence between Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Sinhalese majority and its Hindu Tamil minority. In loving Shehan, a Sinhalese, Arjun, who is Tamil, breaks two taboos. Retribution follows, and in 1983 Arjun and his family migrate to Canada as penniless refugees. With deft humor and a keen eye, Selvadurai, who was born in Sri Lanka and now lives in Toronto, captures his protagonist’s difficult passage into his own identity-of which his homosexuality is just one component. And it is with deep, wistful feeling that he ties that story to larger themes of family and country.” Publishers Weekly

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I’m reading books!

Cover of "Straight Face"

Cover of Straight Face

It’s so great. Rex and I have moved to the country and one of the most unexpected bonuses that has come out of it is that I am finally reading books! I had been a little uncertain as to how I was going to react to trading in my short 10 minute cycle ride from Onehunga to Ellerslie for a 1 hour + commute, but I am absolutely loving the train ride into the city from Pukekohe.

The current book I’m reading, and I’ve read quite a few recently, is Nigel Hawthorne‘s “Straight Face“. I seem to be heavily into autobiographies at the moment as I’ve only just finished reading firstly Stephen Fry’s “The Fry Chronicles” and ¬†Judi Dench‘s latest book “And Furthermore” which all actually cover a very similar subject matter and¬†time period which was really interesting.

Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts reveals he’s gay

David Stern, commissioner of the National Bask...

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Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts, at the age of 58,¬†reveals he’s gay and I feel incredibly lucky that I have not had to endure a whole life time hiding from who I am.

NYT: Phoenix Suns president reveals he’s gay | | The Detroit News.

Rick Welts

But sadly we still appear to live in a society that makes people fearful of admitting who and what they are. And I can understand somewhat, being a person who loved sport myself and who stopped playing rugby when it dawned on me that I was gay!
It’s not so much that you are not man enough to come out and tell everyone you’re gay….it’s more that you are concerned that by doing so you are not going to be seen by others as being capable of being part of¬†that team anymore. And in the back of your mind your thinking that you’re not going to get the breaks you’d hope to get because people aren’t going to see you the same anymore.
So unfair….but it needs guys like this to front up and show people that we are no different.
[Rick Welts talked to several friends and associates, including David Stern, before going public.]

Rick Welts with David Stern