Progress on our new home

Back in October 2010 I posted one of my earliest items of news which related to our decision to sell our lovely home in Onehunga, Auckland.

Onehunga and nearby volcanoes. Portion of a ma...

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So this is a little resume of what has happened since, providing snippets on:-

  1. Deciding not to buy another house – they were all crap!
  2. But instead to buy a piece of land on which to build a new house.
  3. Deciding on where that new piece of land would be and the places it took us.
  4. Purchasing, or at least attempting to tie down a land owner to sell us a piece of land in the Bombay Hills he was wanting to sell (but who found it hard to get the job done!)
  5. The process of selecting a builder, architect, type and style of house
  6. Finally selling our old house.
  7. Suddenly finding out that the land we had set our hearts on was miraculously available and we had to pay for it!
  8. Finalising details with architects, builders, lawyers et al prior to submission for planning consent.
  9. Issuing of Planning Consent.
  10. And on with the build!

    English: View from Mount Puketutu (part of the...

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