Deutsch: Ian McKellen bei der Weltpremiere des...

Deutsch: Ian McKellen bei der Weltpremiere des dritten Teils des Herrn der Ringe in Wellington (Neuseeland) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With maybe one or two question marks and also apologies to those if I have erred? (A reminder to myself that I must check on Gay for Today or some other site perhaps to provide some meaningful verification)

In the film “In & Out” we understand just how difficult it is for some people to accept their own sexuality. Just try this clip to check which way you hang!


  • Nigel Hawthorne – I was absolutely thrilled when I received a hand written reply back from Nigel to a letter of support I had sent him shortly after he had put out a lovely article in the Sunday Times I think it was in 1995 just prior to being “outed” and I’ve come across this paragraph which is supposed to be from his autobiography which I’ll have to try and get hold of.

 “So, whatever the future holds, I acknowledge that I’ve been very lucky. There was a black moment when we were “outed” just before the Oscars back in 1995. We both believed the world would be looking at us with disgust and that our lives had been irrevocably changed.  Things did change, but for the better. We no longer felt the need to pretend. The “Straight Face” we’d worn through the years was no longer necessary. Everybody knew. We’d been liberated. Life would never be quite the same again, but then, if it were, what a very dull place the world would be.”

How lovely is that!;

  • Sir John Gielgud;
  • Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams (especially for “Round the Horn” and Polari!)
  • Also, Brian Paddick –  second cousin once removed of British comedy actor Hugh Paddick – best known for his 1960s Julian & Sandy radio partnership with Kenneth Williams.
  • Rupert Everett;
  • Rudolph Nureyev;
  • Rudolph Valentino;
  • Nathan Lane;
  • Raymond Burr (I always wondered why I could never take my eyes off him in “Ironside”);
  • Rock Hudson;
  • Montgomery Clift;

    Leonard Bernstein

  • Cole Porter;
  • Ivor Novello;
  • Steven Sondheim;
  • Leonard Bernstein;
  • Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky;
  • Elton John;
  • Kenneth Kendall;

    Kenneth Kendall

  • Oscar Wilde;
  • Ned Sherrin;
  • John Mahoney;
  • Harvey Milk,
  • Armistead Maupin;
  • Paul Gambaccini;
  • John Barrowman;
  • Ismail Merchant and James Ivory – Merchant Ivory Productions Merchant Ivory(Must see “Room with a View”, “Maurice” et al.,)



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