IN or OUT?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien clearly had difficulty dealing with this one and I’m pretty certain his involvement with the Catholic Church didn’t help his cause.


Keith Patrick Cardinal O'Brien

Keith Patrick Cardinal O’Brien (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

But what a good looking man – I’d have said yes!

And I’d love to know if there was any time in his life when he might have thought… if only things had been different and people weren’t so screwed up about two people of the same sex being in love with each other and wanting to make wild passionate love with each other.

He must have been thinking it….so why could he not bring himself to ask if he could or should? Too scared perhaps? I know when I came to the realisation that I might be Gay it was really easy to pretend that I wasn’t. And he must have had similar thoughts to mine of how the hell do you admit this to your family and friends. But he had a whole flock to deal with let alone the Pope and all those religious beliefs that must serve to brainwash you into thinking that what you’re feeling is wrong!

Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien


But he still wanted to have those sexual encounters. Did he think that he was the only person in the world who had those yearnings? And that he could cover them up? Wouldn’t the Catholic Church and religion in general be a much better place if they could just accept that people had a right to be with who they chose to be with and not have to adhere to some teachings written some 2000 years ago?

Let’s all move on……Please.


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