…….or so called straight! And here, in no particular order, are the men who have garnered my attentions and day dreams throughout my life and I must firstly say a huge thank you to Rex (and one or two others before him in fairness) who could so easily have felt to be second best to these guys – but they are only dreamboats afterall. They certainly couldn’t hold a candle to my current bit of beefcake!

  • Sean Connery (I know I said no particular order but these first few really got my head spinning. I was aware everyone was talking about Ursula Andress coming out of the sea in Dr. No, and it was pretty spectacular, but I know who I was watching! And how great that the tables are now turned with Daniel Craig making his own impact a la Ursula when emerging from the sea in Casino Royale); 
  • William Holden – gosh this man had it all! And he was filming “The Bridge on the River Kwai” in Ceylon round about the time I came into the world – just down river! Retrospective at Lincoln Centre;
  • Cary Grant; Cary Grant
  • Charles Atlas;
  • Charlton Heston;
  • Christopher Plummer;
  • David Janssen as Harry O;
  • James Garner;
  • Ed Asner;
  • Gary Cooper;
  • Geoffrey Palmer;
  • James Garner;
  • Kurt Jurgens;
  • Rudi Giuliani;
  • Michael Bloomberg;
  • Paul Freeman – Paul made a little known BBC movie with Alun Armstrong called “When I’m 64” which is adoreable;
  • Placido Domingo;

    Placido Domingo

  • Richard Baker;

    Richard Baker

  • Robert Logia;
  • Walter Matthau;
  • The Shah of Iran (not sure why possibly the white uniform!);
  • Raf Vallon

    Raf Vallone

  • Rossano Brazzi

Rossano Brazzi

Not many politicians have made my list but there must be some?

I didn’t know anything about Bobby Valentine until just recently but he definitely adds Sports Stars to the category of Good Looking Men.

Bobby ValentineOh, and guess who looks better naked? Would you believe, it’s Victor Mature!


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